JBAA business manner seminar was earned a good reputation from Japanese companies in Malaysia and Japanese clients-oriented Malaysian companies.

JBAA authorised lecturer visit your office to have business manner seminar.

JBAA seminar includes JBAA authorised exam as well.


Your understanding about your Japanese superiors and client’s thought will be deepen by understanding “Japanese thought”, “Japanese culture”, “Japanese business manner” and “professional ethics”.

As a result, communication will go smoothly internally/externally, also you will gain trust from clients.

  • Improve your understanding of Japanese business practices.
  • Curriculum based on the method of the Japan Business Ability Authorized Association (JBAA) to learn "Japanese way of thinking" without difficulty.
  • Lecturer is Japanese who has certified qualification
  • Conduct 2 days company training in Malaysia
  • HRDF claimable
6 hours / day x 2 days. 12 hours in total.

For example:)


10 mins break


1 hour lunch break


10 mins break


10 mins break


※ The exam will be held within 10 days after taking seminar.

The exam takes 1 hour.

The result will be informed about 2 weeks after.

The certificate will be issued once you passed the exam.


JBAA grade 4 corporate seminar will be held based on JBAA authroised textbook.

  • Self introduction
  • Japanese characteristics
  • Things that Japanese value
  • Business card exchange
  • Entering/leaving room etiquette
  • Table manner
  • Hou-Ren-Sou
  • Apperance
Syllabus Syllabus

Lectures are authorised by JBAA, qualified and experienced who are familiar with Japanese business manners.

Seminars and classes are held in English or Japanese.

Ms. Akiko Nishio

Ms. Akiko Nishio

Ms. Hiromi Hashimoto

Ms. Hiromi Hashimoto


At your office

for more than 5 persons

RM 11,000 / 5 persons

*6 & above participants

Additional charge : RM 1,700 / person

At the assigned venue

for less than 5 persons

RM 2,500 / person

*Number of participant : 1 person~

*Minimum number of person : 5 persons

  • Price included Grade 4 Exam fee RM100 and JBAA Grade 4 Textbook RM100.
  • No. of days : 2days, 9:30-17:00 *6 hours / day, total 12hours
  • Exam will be conducted at a different date.
  • Exam time is 60 minutes
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