JBAA(Japan Business Ability Authorized Association-developed seminar and exam ) are not the exam to assess your Japanese language ability.

JBAA was established for the purpose of deepening your understanding of Japanese business manners.

Unique business practices and manners exist in Japan. Japanese set importance to business manners.

It is not easy for non-Japanese to understand “Japanese unique business manner and business practices”. Troubles may be occurred due to a lack of mutual understanding between Japanese and non-Japanes.

JBAA was established for the purpose of smoothing communication and business between Japanese and non-Japanese by deepening of your understanding of “Japanese unique business manner”.

  • If you learn Japanese business manners, you would understand “Japanese thought”, “Japanese culture”, “business manner” and “professional ethics”.
  • Once understand their thought, communication will go smoothly mutual trust will be established.
  • If you pass an exam, it will be proven you are familiar with Japanese business manners. It will be benefit for you if you are looking for a job in japan or Japanese companies.

JBAA (Japan business ability authorised association was established in Japan in 2015. We aim for non-Japanese to understand Japanese culture and Japanese business manners to minimise mutual misunderstanding.

There are exclusive agents in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Russia for further development.

Currently more than 180 companies have supported JBAA in Japan.

Non-Japanese workers are increasing in Japan and Japanese companies overseas. We believe demands of JBAA exam certificate holders will be increasing in the future.


Japan business ability authorized association


Japan Business Manner Education Co., Ltd


Neocastel Akasaka 402, 2-12-25 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-0052 Japan

Official website


Date of Est.

25 December 2015


Representative Director: Toshiya Sasaki

Director: Masahiro Mizuno

Director: Kazuhiro Kato

Director: Shigeo Hirayama

Director: Akira Nakamura


Grade 4


Basic Japanese business manners.

Learn about “understanding Japanese people and Japanese society” and “manners and habits when work in Japan”.

Grade 3


Basic business manners if you work at Japanese companies as a clerk, sales and technical staff.

Deepen 4th grade “understanding Japanese people and Japanese society” and “manners and habits when work in Japan”.