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About JBAA

JBAA is designed to provide non-Japanese working in Japan and overseas with an understanding of Japanese culture, ethics, business manners, and business customs. When the strengths of business manners and customs cultivated in Japan are adopted into Malaysian business, it will facilitate communication not only in Japanese companies but also the whole business in Malaysia. The exam can be taken at any level from level 1 to 4 depending on the status of understanding.

Outline of the Practice Exam

The practice exam is equivalent to the JBAA Level 4. JBAA Level 4 is an entry-level exam that assesses examinees' knowledge and understanding of basic Japanese ethics, values, and basic business etiquette.

The exam is offered in both Japanese and English, and examinees can choose which language they would like to use.

Outline of the Practice Exam
Special Offers
The first 100 copies of the JBAA Level 4 textbook will be given free of charge to those who sign up for the practice exam. The textbook is available in both English and Japanese and will help you learn basic Japanese business etiquette. Please note that distributed textbooks are the earlier version and not the latest version.
Level 4 textbook
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